Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts on God

I just don’t know who God might be,
Might God just be a part of me?
Oh, well, I only know for sure
There’s lots that I don’t know of God!

Sometimes I wonder if an ant
Looks upon me as a god
Capricious in destructiveness - and huge –
I wonder if an ant would pray
Please save me just for one more day
From monster foot or lethal spray
To go about my chores?

My grandson, Guy, came by last week
He’s ten years old this coming May
His folks were going skiing, but Guy
Elected to hang out with me.

We took a walk, just Guy and me;
We saw a lizard in the street.
Guy poked him, and he spun and bit
And rustled off into the weeds.
“I think I saved his life,” said Guy

“I like amphibians,” said Guy,
“But reptiles I like best.”
We spoke of Loch Ness Monster lore
And wondered as we walked
If monsters ever lived in lakes
Along the California shore
And just how big were crocodiles
And how dart frogs could kill a man
“At fifty feet,” said Guy.

We watched the geese and ducks and birds
And swung on swings and kicked our shoes
His went furthest – “by a mile,”
Said Guy.

Guy told me that he thought a lot –
“I think I’m Buddhist, more or less,
I think that we’ll come back some day,
I think that I’ve been here before,
I think I was a warrior”
“I think you were,” said I.

I really don’t know much of God
But as I walked along with Guy
I thanked that God that I don’t know
For lizards, frogs, and ants – and Guy.